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You want to sell your property in a short time and at the right price; Learn why you should choose us.

A. Services that we offer on the advertising of your property

Promotional plan

What are we going to do

Interface Bridges

We will advertise your property in 18 (15 + 3) Websites estate ads (Real Estate Portals). The largest and the most reliable, which have the most traffic (from 500.00 to 700.00 hits per day) without incurring a cost.

Our Corporate website

Our Office has a complete and professional website to publish real estate ads, through proper advertising on search engines, gathers many visitors daily who are looking for properties to buy or rent.
Your property will be published and posted to one or more "display showcases" in our Corporate website

Promotional material

For your own property, create the appropriate promotional material in order to send to interested clients (Documentation, Brochures etc.).

Targeted information interested customers

Our office has a large "pool" of potential customers. By registering your property, available candidates directly located on your own property.

Available candidates will immediately inform the appropriate promotional material for the availability of your property.

Targeted update of our partner network

Our office works with selected professional brokers. The cooperating professional brokers have they a large "pool" of potential customers.

By registering your property, immediately informed all cooperating professional brokers for the availability of your property.

e-mail marketing

Our office has a large "database" of potential customers. With special filters identify those interested in real estate in this region that is your property.

All updated directly by the advertising campaign that will send and receive the appropriate promotional material, information on the availability of your property (e-mail, Fax, SMS).

B. Services that we offer on your continued relevance

Subscribe to e-mail & SMS

Whenever you present your property to a prospective client, you will receive information with the candidate's name and date of the suggestion to find that actually systematically deal with the sale / rent your property. Your information may be in your e-mail newsletter with informative or alternatively with an informative SMS.

Periodic information

Each month, we inform you in detail about the progress of our work on the promotion of your property. Specifically, we send a report with the list of all the stakeholders who have visited your property. Here is their evaluation and comments about your property.

Fill the Property Assignment Form with your details and characteristics of your property and soon one of our specialized partners will communicate with you.

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