Panicos Stavrinou Estate Agents Limited is a real estate company which is approved and registered by the Cyprus estate Registration Council under registration number 497 and licenced number 166ε. It is also a member of the Cyprus Real Estate Agents Association.

Panicos Stavrinou Estate Agents are experts in buying, selling and renting properties in the areas of Mosphiloti, Shia, Pyrga, Psevdas, Kornos, Dhali and Agia Varvara. Through our offices, one can find a wide selection of agricultural land, residential plots and commercial or residential buildings to choose from.

The above services extend over the greater Nicosia areas as we offer for leasing and selling a wide range of offices and shops, new or second hand apartments as well as commercial and residential plots suitable for high-rise buildings.

We offer also residential and commercial plots in Limassol and other areas.

Due to our high expertise in the sector our agents are always eager to help you find or sell properties that best suit your requirements in any of the above areas. We provide a comprehensive property agency service offering highly professional services. Because we have experience in property management and development, we are eager to advise you and recommend professionals in technical matters.

Our office undertakes all the relevant procedures regarding:
  • Property exchanges.
  • Land development and plot division.
  • Property Transfers.
  • Property Capital Gains Tax clearance.
  • Title deeds.
  • Property management.
  • Administration of estates of the deceased persons and inheritance matters.
  • Property Partitions.
Benefits of the buyers to transaction through our office.
  • We offer to our clients all the necessary advice and information regarding the natural and judicial characteristics of mortgage transactions, the physical condition of all our properties and any other restrictions (encumbrance) imposed on the property pursuant to a legislative, judicial, administrative or other governmental act or legal decision.
  • We protect the best interest of buyers.
  • We guide and support buyers until the property is transferred on their name.
  • We coordinate all aspects of the purchase.
  • We continue to assist the buyers after the purchase.
  • We provide a bespoke service for our clients.
  • Save time and money.
Due to our good reputation, our customers are satisfied with our services and they recommend us to other prospective purchasers.

Whether you are thinking of selling or searching for a property to buy-choosing the Panicos Stavrinou estate agents means you choose success!

We work with you to ensure we fully understand your property needs.

Contact us in strict confidence benefit from the many advantages of using our services.