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A lady in Larnaca pretends to be an estate agent and she tries to sell property in Larnaca and she tries to deceive prospective buyer , the property does not exist.

Th Cyprus real estate agents’ registration council raised the alarm over a woman in the Larnaca district who has deceived people by collecting large amounts of money for the alleged rent properties in Larnaca District  and for purchase of properties in Larnaca district.

“More specifically, a woman who pretends to be a real estate agent, receives money for renting or buying apartments and / or houses in Larnaca and disappears,” the real estate agent's registration council said in an announcement.

The case has been reported to the police but the Cyprus real estate council called on members of the public to be vigilant as regards transactions for buying and selling property and ask the assistance of  Cyrus registered and licensed real estate agents.

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